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Which country does Dublin belong to?

If you were wondering Which country does Dublin belong to? The short answer is Ireland

Dublin lies on Ireland’s east coast, at the mouth the River Liffey.

The historic buildings of Dublin include the Dublin Castle, which dates back to the 13th Century, and St Patrick’s Cathedral that was built in 1191.

The city parks include the huge Phoenix Park with its Dublin Zoo and St Stephen’s Green, which is landscaped. The National Museum of Ireland focuses on Irish culture and heritage.

Dublin is home to the government departments, advisory committees and associated agencies. The Leinster House is where the two houses of Irish parliament, the Dáil (Senate) and the Dail , meet. The Four Courts is the home of the judiciary. There are embassies in more than 40 countries. Many others have consuls who can represent them, both professional and honorary.

In 1994, the Dail disbanded Dublin County and created the Dublin Region of three new counties: Dun Laoghaire–Rathdown and Fingal.

The City of Dublin has both city and county government powers. In 2002, the Dail replaced city corporations with local councils to act as administrative bodies. The Dublin Regional Authority coordinates and reviews plans and monitors expenditure of EU funds. It was previously known as the Dublin Corporation.

This council, which includes more than 50 councillors, is the largest local authority within Ireland. It is elected by proportional representation every five years. Each year, the council is led and controlled by a lord Mayor who is elected annually from among its members. While the lord mayor preside over meetings, the role is primarily ceremonial.

A city manager handles the executive functions. The state’s Departmentof the Environmental names managers through the Local Appointments Commission. One-third of the Irish electorate resides in Dublin Region’s 12 constituents. These constituencies are represented by 47 members the proportionally elected Dail.

Which country does Dublin belong to?
Which country does Dublin belong to?

Belfast is the capital and largest city in Northern Ireland.

It is also the second-largest city in Ireland, after Dublin, the capital of Republic of Ireland.

The Republic of Ireland, or Ireland as it is officially called, is now an independent country that has no formal connection to the UK. Northern Ireland, however, remains a part of the UK (the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland), along with England, Scotland, and Wales.

Northern Ireland’s national identity is multifaceted and varied. … People of Protestant heritage consider themselves British (Unionists), while people of Catholic heritage consider themselves to be mainly Irish.

The Good Friday Agreement, also known as the Belfast Agreement, was reached on Good Friday (10 April 1998). It is the peace accord that was reached between the British government and the Irish government. Most of the political parties in Northern Ireland signed it. This agreement represents the hope that both Northern Ireland communities would come together in matters of power sharing, as well as how Northern Ireland will be governed. It promotes equality, inclusion, and economic prosperity for all its citizens, regardless of their nationality as citizens of Northern Ireland.