How much do foster parents get paid in Ireland 2022

What It Means to be a Foster Parent in Ireland

Being a foster parent means opening your heart and your home to a child who may have experienced trauma or neglect. It means providing a safe and stable environment for a child to grow and thrive, and offering love, guidance and support along the way.

How much do foster parents get paid in Ireland
How much do foster parents get paid in Ireland

Fostering can be a challenging role, as foster parents are often dealing with children who have complex emotional and behavioral needs. However, it can also be incredibly rewarding, as foster parents have the opportunity to make a real difference in a child’s life.

Fostering can come with its fair share of challenges. Foster children may have experienced trauma or neglect, which can lead to behavioral and emotional difficulties. They may struggle with feelings of abandonment or attachment issues, and may require extra support and attention to help them feel secure and valued.

Foster parents must also navigate the complex legal and administrative system that surrounds foster care in Ireland. They may have to work with social workers, health professionals and other support services to ensure that the needs of their foster child are met.

Foster carers are eligible for a variety of support to help them continue to be a valued and respected part of the alternative care system.

This includes the foster care allowance. This support includes a link social worker and access to training and support groups meetings, as well as the allocation of a social workers for each child in care. If it is part their care plan, children can be provided with respite care.

Weekly rates of Foster Care Allowance

You will receive an allowance each week to support the foster child in your home.

  • Foster payments for a child aged 0 – 12yrs – €325.00
  • Foster payments for a child aged 12yrs and over – €352.00

This allowance enables you to meet the needs of the foster child. In addition, as well as the payment that you will receive, foster agencies also provide training and other support to each and every one of the carers.

Fostering allowances payments for all foster carers in Ireland are set by the Minister for Children. They represent the maximum that can be paid by us or other independent fostering agencies.

What does the allowance cover?

The fostering allowance includes:

  • Food
  • Basic travel
  • Clothing
  • Household bills
  • Everyday living
  • Education costs
  • Special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas
  • Holidays and summer camps