What is the best toilet cleaner in Ireland

What is the best toilet cleaner in Ireland

When it comes to buying the best toilet cleaner, the most important thing is that it kills germs and bacteria, so look for products that promise this at the very least.

What is the best toilet cleaner in Ireland
What is the best toilet cleaner in Ireland

Some stamp out germs as well as tackling limescale and if you live in a hard water area, limescale is definitely your enemy so it’s worth looking for a loo cleaner that can help with this.

Check the thickness of the toilet cleaner and whether the bottle has an angled head so you can get right under the rim for a really hygienic clean.

Here is a list of some of the best toilet cleaners

  1. Astonish Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets.
  2. Harpic Power Plus Toilet Cleaner Gel.
  3. Domestos Zero Limescale Ocean Toilet Cleaner.
  4. Ecozone Forever Flush 2000 Toilet Cleaner.
  5. Bloo Foam Aroma Ocean Mist Fragranced Powder.
  6. Ecover Toilet Cleaner Pine Fresh.
  7. Bloo Fragrance Switch.

The most common form of toilet products is a pourable liquid or gel, like the well-known toilet duck or Harpic power plus.

Which is the Strongest Toilet Cleaner in Ireland

Supermarket shelves are packed with hundreds of toilet cleaning products all claiming to do weird and wonderful things. When it comes to cleaning our WC’s, the most important factor is disinfecting. 

Professional Range Power Plus Toilet Cleaner Gel

This Harpic Power Plus toilet cleaner is from their professional range and is renowned for giving a truly powerful clean. It even claims to be better than bleach and acts against viruses. 

Harpic Professional Range Power Plus Toilet Cleaner Gel

Heavy Duty Toilet Cleaner Descaler

If you’re looking for an incredibly strong loo cleaner, you won’t find much better than this HYDRA HDC-76. 

HYDRA 5L Heavy Duty Toilet Cleaner Descaler

Bloo Foam Aroma

The product works by fizzing and foaming up inside the loo bowl. It freshens and perfumes whilst helping to remove limescale. 

This Bloo Foam Aroma leaves the toilet bowl sparkling clean and fills the bathroom with a beautiful fresh ocean fragrance.

Bloo Foam Aroma Toilet Cleaner Powder

Hopefully, this post has helped you discover your new favorite strongest toilet cleaner in Ireland.

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