Oils and fluids changes in Dublin 15

Oils and fluids changes in Dublin 15

We are all well aware that hanging the oil in your car is key to maintaining a healthy and reliable engine. Oil is one of the most important components in your engine, helping to lubricate key components and maintain operating temperatures.

Your gear oil is constantly working to reduce the stresses placed on your gearbox, keeping it operating at its peak. But like most lubricants, it may eventually need to be changed, otherwise the slow accumulation of deposits can end up clogging your oil gearbox filter and potentially damaging its components, resulting in costly repairs.

Oils and fluids changes in Dublin 15
Oils and fluids changes in Dublin 15

An oil and filter change is ideal for maintaining your cars peak operating performance between services

But is not recommended as a replacement for an annual service. If you’re unsure the last time your car had an oil change or service, we recommend either a Full or Major Service.

Which oil is right for your engine?

The answer to that question gets more complex every day. The latest engines are getting smaller and more powerful all the time, and manufacturers are specifying complex full synthetic oils to cope with higher engine pressures and meet fuel efficiency targets.

How to check your oil?

  1. Before checking your vehicles engine oil, it’s important to check the owner’s manual and make sure you have the correct type of oil for your car.
  2. Make sure you’re parked on a level surface and that your engine has been off for a while so it’s not hot – a cool engine gives the oil enough time to settle at the bottom of the sump, giving you a more accurate reading.
  3. Most cars will have a dipstick to give you a reading of the oil in the engine. It’s important to remove the dipstick first and wipe off any oil with a cloth.
  4. Then put the dipstick back in and when you remove it again, you’ll be able to see your oil level based on the maximum and minimum indicators.
  5. If your oil is below minimum, this could indicate that your engine is leaking, and you’ll need to add more oil immediately. However, you’ll need to be very careful not to overfill the oil as this could damage the engine.  
  6. You need to remember, don’t just check the quantity of the oil, you should also check the quality! If the oil has changed from its normal amber colour to a milky colour or appears to contain any thick deposits, this could mean it’s contaminated and you should replace it.   

What does an Engine Oil and Filter Change include?

A full oil change includes the following steps, to help maintain performance levels and protect the engine oil from contaminants that can build up over time:

  • Engine oil drained
  • Replacement sump plug washer
  • Oil refill based on manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Replacement oil filter

Where to change oil in Dublin 15?

If you live in Blanchardstown (Dublin 15) you can get all required assistance from Westwing Motors. They will be more that happy to do oils and fluids changes.

NCT test: where to do Pre-NCT check in Dublin 15
Professional car mechanic balancing car wheel on balancer in auto repair service.

About Westwing Motors

Westwing Motors offers a truly professional car and van service.

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It’s recommended that cars be serviced every 12,000 miles to maintain optimum efficiency. When servicing is neglected the vehicle can become sluggish, more expensive to run and small problems may eventually become major issues.

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