Is it difficult to replace a door knob?

Is it difficult to replace a door knob?

To replace a door handle, or knob in your kitchen, you will need a new handle set and a flat head screwdriver. Replacing an old handle can be done quickly and easily, no matter whether it’s to replace a damaged knob or enhance the appearance of your door. Grab a set of door handles that you like at a hardware shop or home improvement center, and get your screwdriver ready. Soon, your door will be transformed!

The door handles on your doors may need some attention or replacement. Do you prefer a handyman or DIY? A good door handle will last up to 25 years. There are many components that will wear down and sometimes fail, so it is important to pay attention.

Door handles are simple to replace. Yes, most door handles can be easily replaced. There are some things you should know about door handles if you want to replace them.

Is it difficult to replace a door knob?
Is it difficult to replace a door knob?

Not every door handle is the same

We will be happy to assist you with replacing the door handle if you bring the handle and a photograph of the door.

To find the right replacement, you can also measure the roseplate’s diameter and the actual cutout at the door.

Some door handles require a larger (70mm +/-)) hole to be cut, while the majority of door handle designs only require a small 25mm cut.

Firstly – We should ask ourselves why you would like to change the door handles.

Is it:

  • You want to replace them with something new.
  • b. They aren’t working correctly, or they are sagging. Repairs possible
  • c. I do the same thing every few years in an attempt to annoy my husband. This could lead to divorce

Secondly are you going to be replacing your doors or getting them painted and/or patched if necessary. This is a question you can ask your DIY- or handyman after they have been examined. You will need to find out if the doors are still functional or should they be replaced.

– Are these handles for a lock latch or privacy? Are the latches or locks working well or are they causing problems? Are they necessary to be replaced? This could lead to more DIY-friendly, handy-man intervention.

It’s not unusual for quality door handles to be in good condition 20 years later, but the latches or locks are failing. You might also consider a powder coated finish if your door handle’s finish looks dated.

Removing Door Handles

Most door handles are very easy to take off. Most door handles will be attached to the door with screws. But some may have a -grub screw. Some will conceal hidden fixings beneath the outer roseplate. Some may have double fixs that are a screw from both directions.

Look for concealed fixings, grub screw types, and screw head type.

  1. Visible fix screws may be removed with a suitable driver.
  2. Concealed fix has a cover plate or outer Rose that can either be removed clockwise or slip-on.
  3. European handles are more likely to have a push on covering that will require extra care. The bottom of the cover plate should have an insertion hole. With a small blade screwdriver, you can lift the cover off. NOTE remove grub screws first! You should take extra care as these could cause damage to your door.

The replacement question will be determined by the new handle fittings.

You should think that if DIY is not your thing, then hiring a handyman would be the best choice.

Before you make the final decision, it is important to consider how the door handle will look.

Place a) the hole in the door.

b. Does it need to be resized, or will it be necessary to fill in the existing cutout.

If we have the handle, and a photo showing the cutout of the door, we can direct you in the right way. They are highly recommended.

It’s easy to replace like-for-like.

If you have the same handle and the fittings are still the same, it is very easy to do DIY.

Door handles’ design and style can change. While you might find the same shape handle, the fitting could have changed.

You might find the same handle from another manufacturer, which can impact price.


Your existing door handle might be repaired. This may include replacing the spring or upgrading the latch.

Older handles that have lost their springs and are no longer in stock can be restored with an upgraded heavy-duty latch.

It is important to understand the situation in order to make an informed decision about what action to take.

Refurbishment door handles

We might be able provide a refurbishment option for door handles that are old and worn but still function.

You might be able to refurbish the brass handles that are older. We could repair or replace springs, cams, or even clean the handle. Some are suitable for powder coating.

Bring a few handles with you so that we can inspect them for possible refurbishment.

New Door New Handles

You can replace your doors with a new handle. We have many options.

We can help you select the door handle that you prefer.

Our website will connect you to the finest door handles around. The only thing you have to do is decide which one is right for you.

What can go wrong?

While door handles may be easy to replace with, there are certain things you should avoid.

  • Incorrect orientation: This is a common mistake in the first attempt at this task. You may finish the job and then realize that you accidentally placed the door handle the wrong direction.
  • Not properly aligning the holes while attaching the new lock.
  • Drilling a new hole can damage your door. You should always be careful with the drill.

Not sure…

You can send us pictures of your work if you are unsure. You can also bring a handle and photos of your doors for a show & tell.

We can then offer suggestions, options and directions.

Door handles are often neglected over time. The door handle is usually considered a part of the furniture, and should be shiny and new when it was first installed.

You are looking to modernize your kitchen furniture.

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