How to make fitted wardrobe frame

How to make fitted wardrobe frame

We all know that fitted wardrobes help us maximise the space we’ve got to create lots of storage we need in the bedroom or in any other room. On top of that wardrobe is just a nice looking piece of furniture.

So let’s try and make fitted wardrobe frame.

Which tools you’ll need:

  • A saw
  • Suitable adhesive (like glue)
  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood plane
  • Measuring tape
  • Screws of various lengths

Choose the space

Firstly, you need to make a decision where do you want to fit the wardrobe. Keep in mind that you need some space in front of the wardrobe for access.

Measure the space available – width, height and depth. Make an allowance for out of square walls/floors by reducing all your final measurements by 50mm. 

Ensure that doors aren’t too wide otherwise you might not be able to open them fully should a bed be nearby!

Will you go for a sleek handleless design with push to open doors? Will you continue the room skirting along the bottom of the cabinet? – These are the questions that you will need to find an answer before you begin to build your frame.

Make plan for compartments and frames

Get a piece of paper and define all compartments that you intend to make in your wardrobe along with various parts and panels you will need to make for each compartment inside your wardrobe frame.

Start the process by setting up the wardrobe’s outer frame. After you put this structure in place, we can move on to setting up the other inner compartments: shelves and drawers.

Wardrobe materials

For this project you will require several MDF boards to be cut to the required sizes.

You will need several screws. Choose those screws that won’t make large holes when attached to the panels.

For sturdiness, we recommend that you use corner brackets and also shelves’ brackets.

To fix drawers, you will require drawer runners.


Here is quite a simple video with step by step instructions on how  to make a fitted wardrobe frame without any assistance.

Useful tips

Often these kinds of jobs can hang around for a long time as you’ll have something unfinished although usable. So aim to build and finish the job in one weekend.

If you try an ambitious design from scratch you risk making sizing errors and end up spending twice as long fixing them in the build phase. Spend some time thinking about the details.

Remember, during your thinking about how to make fitted wardrobe frame, consider that if your design exceeds 1metre, start consider breaking it up into separate cabinets to keep each door less than 500mm wide. Much much easier to build too!

How to cut sheet material (MDF, Ply, Melamine faced products) true and square without pro equipment is difficult! Hand saw no way, jigsaw too rough. A circular saw maybe, but you’ll probably need to buy a fine toothed blade.

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How to make fitted wardrobe frame
How to make fitted wardrobe frame