How to Clean Car Windows

How to Clean Car Windows

Are you having difficulty seeing the road? You need to clean your windshield if grease or grime is blocking your vision. A windshield clean every two weeks will allow you to see more clearly and prevent accidents. This helps your defroster work more efficiently by removing condensation or ‘fog, which sticks more easily to dirty windshield surfaces.

How to Clean Car Windows
How to Clean Car Windows

How does my windshield get so gross?

There are many reasons your car’s windshield might get stained, such as dog or child’s noses, fingerprints, smog and smoking, dirt and dust from traffic, salt and other environmental contaminants. One reason is car off-gassing. The “new car smell” comes from various vinyl and plastic components. They eventually get trapped in the car and create an oily residue. The windshield, which is usually perfectly angled, captures most of this oily residue. This issue can be worsened if oily cleaners are used on the dashboard. They evaporate and form a film that coats the glass further, especially in hot humid weather.

How to clean your car’s interior windshield

What Do You Need?

  • Microfiber rags without lint
  • Glass cleaner
  • Vinegar
  • Rub alcohol

Cleaning steps:

  • Combine solution in a spray can. You can use these popular and effective options:
    • 50% alcohol, 50% of water, and a half cup of white vinegar.
    • 70% water and 15% window cleaner. 15% alcohol.
    • *Use an automobile-specific cleaner. Avoid ammonia based cleaners. These can damage vinyl and leather.
  • Grab your materials, then jump in your passenger’s seat to make windshield glass installation easier.
  • First, wipe the glass with a dry, clean microfiber towel.
  • Next, use a clean cloth and rubbing Alcohol to remove the grit. If you live near the sea, vinegar can be used for cleaning the glass to dissolve the salt.
  • You can use a different side or a clean one. Spray the glass cleaner onto the rag (not on the windshield), and then clean the glass with circular motions.
  • Get rid of them as soon as they are dirty.
  • For a streak-free shine, wipe the glass with up-and–down motions.

Tips and Tricks to Success:

  • After cleaning the exterior and wiping down the interior of your vehicle, clean your windshield.
  • Avoid rapid evaporation by wiping windows in the sun or when it is cooler.
  • Use rags you used to clean your windshield. A greasy, oily windshield can result from wax and other detailing compounds.

Ensure Your Sparkling Windows Last

Once your windshield has been cleaned, keep it clean. This helps keep your car cooler and gives gases a way out. You should park your car in shaded/sheltered areas to keep it cool, such as your garage. Cracking the windows of your car can prevent off gassing and the buildup in contaminants. However, this is not possible on rainy days.

How to clean the rubber on car windows

It’s easy for people not to notice the rubber trim that surrounds your car’s windows. Since it’s not included in the window or car body categories, it’s difficult to clean. Rubber trims are important as they protect your windows from moisture and contaminants.

You can clean them in a matter minutes.

  1. Apply car shampoo to all windows trims.
  2. Clean any dirt with a microfibre towel or sponge. You can use a soft toothbrush for very dirty or marked trim.
  3. You can wipe the shampoo with a microfibre cotton cloth.
  4. Dry with a microfibre towel

To keep your rubber in its best condition, apply a rubber protection agent once it has drained completely.