How far is Rathfarnham from city Centre?

Rathfarnham is a suburban area located in the southern part of Dublin, Ireland. The distance between Rathfarnham and the city center can vary depending on the specific location within Rathfarnham and the route taken. On average, Rathfarnham is situated approximately 8 kilometers southwest of Dublin’s city center.


The journey from Rathfarnham to the city center typically takes around 20 to 30 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions.

The most common route is to take the R137 and N81 roads, which provide direct access to the city center. It’s worth noting that during peak traffic hours, the commute time may be longer, so it’s advisable to plan accordingly.

For those relying on public transportation, Rathfarnham is well-served by bus routes that connect the area to the city center. Multiple bus services operate frequent schedules, allowing residents to easily commute to and from the city. The travel time by bus can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the specific route, traffic, and stops along the way.

Major transportation artery that encircles Dublin

In addition to buses, Rathfarnham benefits from its proximity to the M50 motorway, a major transportation artery that encircles Dublin. This allows for convenient access to other parts of the city and beyond, as well as quick connections to major roads leading to Dublin Airport and other destinations.

Desirable residential area

Overall, Rathfarnham’s location makes it a desirable residential area (such as Clontarf for example) for those seeking a suburban lifestyle within reasonable reach of Dublin’s city center. The relatively short distance and multiple transportation options make it convenient for residents to access the amenities, employment opportunities, and cultural attractions found in the heart of Dublin.