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Green Tips to Reduce Christmas Waste

Green Tips to Reduce Christmas Waste
Green Tips to Reduce Christmas Waste

Christmas season brings with it lots of gift wrapping, tons of cards, decorations and even a few trees. Many good things will eventually end up in the trash.

We have created these tips to help the environment during this busy season.

Reusing and reducing Christmas wrapping papers

Wrapping gifts is an important task for all of us! Do not let the environment discourage you. Use what you already have at home.

Instead of using single-use packaging, turn an Amazon box upside down and decorate it.

Reuse paper bags from last week’s grocery shopping to make gift packaging. To make Christmas decorations such as ornaments and garlands, you can use gift labels or wrapping paper.

Bonus tip: You can reuse gift cards from previous years to create gift labels. Get creative

Send digital greetings to family and friends

Digital era is here! Even Santa uses the internet now! Digital gift vouchers and vouchers can save you time, money, and the environment.

Why not send Christmas cards the same way? This eco-friendly Christmas card will make your friends and family digitally happy!

Recycle your Christmas Tree

We are enchanted by the smell of real Christmas trees for weeks. But what do we do when it is time to go? You can recycle it!

Visit the Dublin Zoo’s website. You can usually find a recycling service for Christmas trees. There are two options for Christmas tree recycling in Dublin: either bring it to one of the drop-off locations or have it delivered at your home. Google your local spot.

This Christmas, consider renting Christmas decorations

You don’t have to buy decorations or trees. There is an eco-friendly alternative: renting Christmas decorations and trees.

This option is expensive, but it’s still affordable. You can decorate your home with real decorations and plant fir trees. All you have to do is water them according to the instructions.

Create natural decorations

Are you looking for a unique and creative Christmas? Make your Christmas decorations!

This can be done by looking for twigs from your garden that you can use to create Christmas stars or decorations for windows and trees. You can also use aluminium cake molds or ice sticks.

For your wall wreath, or your door, you can also use twigs or pinecones or branches from your Christmas tree.

These tips will help you reduce the amount of waste that can be harmful to the environment after Christmas. We are certain that your Christmas will be one of the most beautiful.

Here are more tips to reduce your waste this Christmas

  • Make a list, and make sure to check it twice! Purchase only what you really need
  • Avoid clutter by buying an eco-gift, gift voucher, or charity gift. Look for fair-trade and local gifts.
  • You can make your own wrapping or buy recycled paper.
  • Instead of throwing away plates, cups, and bags, use reusable plates, cups, and bags. Loose vegetables, fruits, meat, and cheese are best.
  • You can give new life to the gift boxes and gift bags you received throughout the year. This will make your gifts even more memorable. Create a REUSE Box. Keep your favorite cards in a REUSE box to create fun personalized gift cards next year, or keep the kids entertained on cold winter nights.
  • Order a skip from Dublin company with cheapest skip hire prices in Ireland.
  • Your Brown Bin can be used to scrape plates and/or to compost vegetable peelings.
  • You can segregate your waste, and if it isn’t recyclable, then you can recycle gift wrap, greetings card envelopes, paper&plastic packaging, drink & foods cans, biscuit cans, metal lids juice cartons, plastic bottles, and packaging. Wash n’squash!
  • For all your games, invest in LED Christmas lights as well as battery chargers that can charge rechargeable batteries.
  • Recycle old batteries