Clondalkin Round Tower

Clondalkin Round Tower

Clondalkin ‘s Round Tower was built by St Mochua in the 7th century. It is one among four remaining round towers of Co. Dublin. Clondalkin Village is situated on the heights over the estuary of the River Liffey, historically it guarded the inland pass between the mountains and the river.

Clondalkin Round Tower
Clondalkin Round Tower

The tower, at 27.5 metres tall, has its original cap, and is thought to have been built in 790 AD.

Round Tower includes an interactive visitor’s centre, public gardens and cafe. It also features a terraced dining area, gallery and exhibition spaces, as well as a shop.

The eight themed areas in the restored 19th-century Mill Cottages can be enjoyed by the public. They include Clondalkin’s 19th- and early 20th century setting, Viking heritage, Clondalkin’s 19th and early-20th-century settings, Clondalkin, and a bustling Dublin village.

The visitor centre is situated close to Corkagh Park. Grand Canal Greenway. Aras Chronain Irish Cultural Centre. This combination creates a new heritage experience.
South County Dublin has many cultural highlights, including the Round Tower Clondalkin visitor centre.

The Round Tower Clondalkin visitor center offers the perfect family day-out.

Through an interactive experience, it brings to life the story and surroundings of The Round Tower. The Round Tower Clondalkin was built on top of St Mochua’s monastery, which was founded in the 7th Century. It is one of four round towers that remain in County Dublin.

The eight themed spaces in the restored 19th-century Mill Cottages can be used to enjoy the exhibit.

They are both educational and entertaining. The experience explores Clondalkin’s setting in medieval Clondalkin, its Viking heritage, and the 19th and 20th century Clondalkin. It also examines what role round towers played, politically and socially in Ireland.

Near Corkagh Park is the Grand Canal Greenway, Aras Chronain and Corkagh Park is the Round Tower Clondalkin. It all adds up to an unforgettable heritage experience, far away from Dublin’s centre.

The visitor center offers a guided tour of The Round Tower Clondalkin.

From there, you can visit the East Village Cafe, a contemporary New York cafe that serves specialty coffee, breakfast and lunch. Enjoy indoor or outdoor dining, with stunning views of the cafe gardens.

Directions to Clondalkin Village

Visible from all directions, the dominant feature of Clondalkin village is its round tower. The Annals of Ulster record that the relics of St Kevin and St Mochua were taken on tour in 790 AD.

It is thought that the Clondalkin Round Tower was built around this period. A visitor centre and gardens opened at the tower in June 2017, telling its 1,200-year story.